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I would like to present a full range of attractions prepared for groups up to 1000 people, detailed information and net prices.

Next to each of them (in brackets) there is a maximum number of people that can take part in a given attraction within 1 or 2 hours.


(capacity 2-50 people per 1 hour)

There are available 1-25 Yamaha Grizzly 4×4 quads and a Bombardier Outlander 4×4 and in winter season Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

A 1-hour expedition in the highland area is surely an unforgettable experience, fantastic fun and unusual sensation on one of the most beautiful routes in Poland.

Price for 1 hour:

  • Rider on a single quad or snowmobile 250 PLN
  • Rider + passenger on a double vehicle 350 PLN for 2 people


(capacity 15-200 people per 2 hours)

In 3-12 teams of several people, participants will be put to a test and will take part in truly highlander competitions. The tournament consists of 8-12 stands with specific competitions. Regional awards for the winners are included in the price.

We organize the event in a summer and winter version according to the season.

You can find the details in a presentation that we send on request.

Price from 120 per person.


(capacity 3-100 people per 1 hour)

Crossing the diversified mountain area with the elements of crossing with the use of rope techniques and winches.

You can choose an Adventure expedition (Land Rover cars – 4 seats for guests) or an Extreme version (cars with winches – Nissan Patrol 3 – 3 seats for guests)

Every person with a driving licence will be able to try as a driver in the field.

During the entire expedition, in every car there will be an experienced off-road instructor.

Price for 1 hour:

  • adventure 100 PLN / person
  • extreme 200 PLN / person


(capacity 5-40 people per 1 hour)

We invite you to a professional sports shooting range with a licence on all types of weapon. The participants can use 1-5 stands and take part in a professional training on shooting with live ammunition:

  • 22 Long Rifle
  • 9mm and 12mm guns
  • Shot-Gun rifles and hunting rifles
  • Israeli version of Kalashnikov rifles.

Classes are run by licensed shooting instructors.

The event is secured by a paramedic.

Price for 1 or 2 hours of classes:

  • 250 PLN full package (40 shots on all types of weapon) / person
  • 170 PLN (25 shots on all types of weapon) / person
  • shooting range rental 500 PLN

(capacity 6-50 people per hour)

The field consists of 30 prepared beforehand wooden obstacles which are placed on a forest clearing overlooking the Tatra Mountains or we use the available already prepared fields nearby.

We offer professional equipment, qualified instructors and a great number of scenarios adjusted to a group in order to ensure more fun during this attraction.

Price for 1 or 2 hours of classes:

  • Paintball 139 PLN / person (in the price included: markers, full clothing, a number of scenarios to choose and at least 500 balls for every person)
  • The cost of preparing and disassembling the field overlooking the Tatra Mountains together with 30 obstacles is 1500 PLN (does not apply in case of choosing a stationary field)


(capacity 12-16 people per 1 hour)

Sightseeing flights around Podhale or around the Tatra Mountains at a low altitude with a 4-seat Robinson R44 helicopter or a 5-seat EC-130 Eurocopter.

Price per person from 250 PLN


(capacity 1-6 people per 1 hour)

Rides with a multiple winner of the national rally 4×4 Kazimierz Bzdyk take place on a special section of the RC SuperRally competition. A NISSAN Agressor car with a safety cage with a PZMOT (Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association) rally licence. Current power 500hp.

More information can be found on a promotional video:

Price per person: 150 PLN (a ride for 1 person lasting 10minutes)


(capacity 10-100 people per 1 hour)

Team competition on quads, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles take place on a professional specifically prepared track.

It focuses mainly on skills not speed.

We guarantee full safety and a great amount of rivalry.

Price for 1 person:

  • depending on a programme from 70 PLN per person
  • an exclusive track rental with a view of the Tatra Mountains 500 PLN per person


(capacity 10-100 people per 1 hour)

Are you curious of a real rescue action during an avalanche? You can experience it with no danger! We travel along a trail with scenic views and then suddenly… an avalanche covers with snow two participants who need help of TOPR (Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue). A quick reaction and the rescuers are on their way. Everything is controlled by experienced instructors so you will be trained professionally. During the avalanche action you will be witnesses but also active participants of the search with the use of detectors of hidden objects.

This is not only an attraction but also learning how to behave in stressful and dangerous situations. In winter, there are a lot of accidents, and avalanches are not a rare phenomenon, and tourists are not always careful enough. Working in a team, we can do more and act quicker and more efficiently.

Do you want to be a member of our rescue team?

Price from PLN 250 per person


(capacity 5-40 people per 1 hour)

Classes are run by licenced trainers of rock and mountain climbing who are also rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Ambulance Service.

There are 18 climbing routes with a difficulty III+ to VI.2 to choose.

Guarantee of professionalism and the highest level of safety.

Price from 200 PLN/person


(capacity 20-100 people per 2 hours)

The field game takes place in 4-20 groups of 5 people. The scenario can be different according to the group, age and interests e.g. fitness, regional, historical.

The scenario includes participation of local people while solving the group tasks.

Diversified subjects (e.g. connected with highland architecture with elements of logical puzzles and fitness tasks).

Price for 1 person:

  • depending on the complexity of the scenario from 100 PLN/person

ATTRACTION 12 “A BIKE TRIP along the path around the TATRA MOUNTAINS”

(capacity 5-100 people per 1.5 hours)

The trip lasts 1.5-2 hours and is organized along the bicycle lane Nowy Targ (Poland) – Trstena (Slovakia). Apart from spending free time actively, we guarantee picturesque mountain views.

The route goes across Natura 2000 area. Every participant gets a mountain bike and a helmet for the time of the trip.

There is a possibility of a return transport for people who will not be able to complete the entire route.

For more information see our promotional movie on:

Price: 100 PLN/person


(capacity 5-40 people per hour)

Professional NORDIC WALKING classes with a licenced instructor. During the training participants will learn how to do Nordic Walking properly in various terrain conditions. All the participants get professional Nordic Walking sticks for the time of the training.

Price: 40 PLN/person


(capacity 2-10 people for 2 hours)

A trip to superb areas, full of unforgettable views seen from the horse’s back. Peace, quiet, forests, streams, wild animals – this is an ideal place to breathe with fresh air and relax on the horse’s back. Our paths stretch away also on the Slovakian part, huge forest clearings encourage to gallop which is hard to resist. The wind in your hair, the heart beating like a bell is what experienced riders want.

A great advantage of this attraction is the fact that it can be done also by beginners who have never ridden a horse. We organise for them a 30-minute training on a safe sand riding arena with no additional costs.

Price: from 250 PLN per person.

ATTRACTION 15 ”A SLEIGH RIDE WITH A BONFIRE in Chochołowska Valley or Gubałówka”

(capacity 5-100 people per 1.5 hours)

During the day, white madness on the snow, and in the evening carefree fun during a sleigh ride. For the little ones, it’s great fun, for the elderly it’s a return to childhood. The sleigh ride is organized in one of the most beautiful places in the Tatra Mountains, in Chochołowska Valley or Gubałówka, where in winter nature paints beautiful landscapes. We guarantee unforgettable sensation, lots of smile and joy, and we also provide a truly highlander atmosphere, with us you will really feel that you are in the winter capital of Poland.

At the end, something for real gourmands – that is a bonfire with roasting sausages, accompanied by highlander music. For adults, there will be some stronger drinks. What is a bonfire in the mountains without mulled wine? ….

The price includes a 4-person sleigh ride and a bonfire with roasting sausages. The weather likes to surprise but we are prepared for any possibility. An insufficient amount of snow is not a problem for us, we turn sleighs into cabs and off we go!

Price: 180 PLN per person


(capacity 5-50 people per 1.5 hours)

We invite you on a trip to Lapland or the North Pole, where dog sleds are one of the basic means of transport. Feel this atmosphere in the Polish mountains! Beautiful Syberian Husky dogs will seduce not only animal lovers, everyone becomes their friend from the very first meeting.

At the beginning you will get to know each other, you will break the ice. You will learn basic commands and behaviour during the ride. Then, a lots of attractions await you, including group games and competitions. We promise that these will be special time that you will crave to repeat more than once.

Price from 250 PLN / person


(capacity 3-40 people per 1h or 1.5 hours)

No mountaineer can imagine an expedition to the mountains without them, they make it easier to move along the snowy paths, trails and steep roads. You can also find out what it is like to wander through white trails in snowshoes. They are also used during recreational trips and trekking.

You will receive professional equipment from us – snowshoes and poles. The expedition will be led by an experienced instructor.

Price: from 250 PLN/person


(capacity 3-100 people per 1 or 1.5hours)

Do you want to actively spend your holiday in the Tatra Mountains in a different way? We will take you for an cross-country ski expedition. This is a sport for the oldest and the youngest, more or less fit, with a better or worse physical condition. Everybody can do it and the more you have the more you want so maybe we will evoke your passion for cross-country skis. You will be accompanied by an experienced cross-country skis instructor who will give you advice on how to do it properly. And then just go ahead jauntily!

Price: from 250 PLN/person


(capacity 4-100 people per 1 or 1.5 hours)

Have you heard of a popular Dunajec river? And how about an exciting pontoon rafting, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience and emotions? It is a good moment to make sure that it is an attraction that is worth a great renown. It is an extreme but safe way of spending free time in the Pieniny Mountains, which has a unique advantage of picturesque views. The rafting takes place among the rocky peaks which surround the river, which make you feel the air of nature of your own skin. An alternative to the pontoon is a raft, the choice is yours!

Price: from 70 PLN / person


(capacity 2-25 people per 1 hour)

Do you want to experience something really extraordinary? We offer you winter craziness that is a double white attraction. This is an integration game, which is perfect for a stay of a larger group of friends or an off-side trip for workmates, but also during the family winter break. You will be divided into smaller groups, and then…

  1. A ride in inflatable potoons pulled by snowmobiles. This is snow rafting during which an instructor will pull you through snowbanks and will show you how to have real fun no matter how old you are.
  2. A ride on an inflatable board also pulled by a snowmobile. This proposal is aimed at truly extreme adventurers. Here you need to show your perfect physical coordination and concentration in order to keep balance on a speeding board? Are you going to make it?

Price: from 50 PLN / person

In order to plan the event in detail we kindly request you to inform us about the attractions that you are interested in. We will prepare a detailed agenda.

We have at our disposal one of the most beautiful locations in Poland, our own highlander’s inn, skills and such a quantity of our own equipment that it is a great pleasure for us to organise an event for up to 1000 people.

We are experienced, creative and professional so…

Let’s have fun together!

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Ewa Barnowska

Mobile: (+48) 604-533-301